What is a Table Group?

The church is not a building, but a people. Table groups are people who gather during the week to share a meal, pray, care for one another’s needs, and ask where God is calling us to be a part of his mission. It is our desire to see every member of St. Charles cared for, loved, and on mission together in a Table Group. We do this while prayerfully asking…what does the reign of God look like in our community?


How often do Table Groups meet? And where do they meet?

Different groups will have different rhythms. Based on the group’s needs and schedules Table Groups will meet weekly, twice a month or monthly. A Table Group can meet anywhere. Often they meet in a home.

I am new here. Am I ready for a Table Group?

Yes! A Table Group is a group of people that get together to share life and support one another. Life is hard. It was never meant to be lived in isolation. Table Groups are the perfect place for you to belong, ask questions about God with a group of people who care for you. We seek to be a true family in a time when the concept of a loving and caring family can seem foreign. In Table Groups, we eat together, pray together, laugh together, share our lives together.

Where can I Join a Table Group?

As we begin to add more table groups, please feel free to visit, even if you aren’t near that community, all are welcome. If you are interested in starting a table group, please let us know.