Our New Church Home

Dear friends,


Holy Scripture teaches us that God is the giver of every good gift (James 1:17) and at St. Charles we have been richly blessed in so many ways. All that we have and all that we hope for is given to us by God. For many years our church has prayed for a permanent home, a building to call our own, a place to serve as a launching pad for mission and ministry in Kitsap County and beyond, and now thanks to the provision of God we have found such a home.

We are purchasing a church building, located at 7625 Central Valley Road NE, in the heart of the Kitsap Peninsula. While the Church is composed of the people of God, and not the building itself, over the years to come I believe this facility will become a place of prayer, worship, preparation, and celebration for our congregation and the community at large. In this place, the Gospel will be preached and the love of Jesus Christ will transform lives, because God who delights to give good gifts to his people (Matthew 7:11) has given us this a new home.

Indeed, we have received an incredible blessing, and I am excited to worship and serve there with you very soon. Please, if you can, give generously and continue to pray for St. Charles as we follow God’s call and take this step forward together.

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