St. Charles is a warm and welcoming parish family, and we love to spend time together in fellowship and sharing hospitality. Each Sunday morning we have time to share coffee and time together between services. We also have an annual church picnic and other events spread throughout the year to make time to spend with one another outside of worship.


At the center of the Gospel is the fact that we serve a humble King who “did not come to be served, but to serve.” (Matthew 20:28)

St. Charles is firmly committed to serving the Kitsap County community with ministries of faithful presence. Like Christ, we cannot expect to see real change from afar. As such, we seek to listen to the people of our community and understand their needs and how best to meet them. We work with local and global partners to support ministries of care for those in critical need.

We also welcome those who have gifts of service they feel called by God to share in worship. Please speak to the ministry head(s) to serve during Sunday worship.

Altar Guild – Diana Long

Children’s Sunday School – Jim and Diana Long

Acolytes – Jennifer Duenas

Lay Reader/LEM – Deacon Cece Morris

Coffee Hour/Fellowship –  Gloria Griffith